happy halloween!

have a safe and happy halloween everyone!!  i am ready for trick or treaters.  check out these uh-dorable goodie bags i whipped up for our visitors.  can't take credit though...it is what it is, the brains behind it

and the girls are ready for their first trick or treating experience.  oh shoot, they don't eat candy.  lucky for them, their momma and daddy do....


has it really been ONE year?

i cannot believe our girls turned one!  seriously, where did the time go? 

one year ago i NEVER thought i would be looking back thinking, wow that went fast.  actually, one year ago i wasn't sure any of us were going to make it out alive.  two preemies with acid reflux.  two beyond tired adults trying to figure out this parenting thing.  but, lots of googling for remedies and tips, crying (from the girls and mostly me), helpful family and friends, and by the grace of God, we are here.

i will spare you the sappy mom comments and just get to the good stuff..................the party.  so when the girls were six months old, i was busy "wishing" their babyhood away (like, can you please sit up already and how about holding this bottle yourself) and planning their first birthday party.  with the help of etsy (namely, dimple prints) and late nights of googling, the party was set.........................Thing One and Thing Two's 1st Birthday!

the invitation

the decorations

(aren't these adorable?  make your own!!  here's how to)

the food

 schlott's knots (pumpkin whoopie pies with red food coloring)

who cakes (chocolate cupcakes)

 one fish two fish red fish blue fish (jello jigglers)


 green eggs (deviled eggs with green food coloring)

 crummies in tummies (chips)
beezlenut stew (fruit salad)
hunches of bunches (veggie plate)

suessy soda (coke bottle--um, awesome) and water

the party favor (candy bar, yum)

 and the rest...

 this is approximately how long the hats lasted...

 my daddy