sew stinkin' cute

hi all!  it has been a whirlwind the last few weeks.  i have been trying to spring clean the house during nap time but somehow manage to find a new project to do in each room.  so, needless to say, i am still not done with the flippin' cleaning!  ugh.  my goal is to be complete by the end of april though...

in order to spring clean the dining room, i had to finish up some sewing projects first.  the dining room is magically transformed into my sewing room every time i think of a new sewing project.  i wish i could say that it is an organized and accommodating area but it is not.  i feel all crammed in between the table, large house plant, and wine bar.  anyhoo, i did manage to finish my sewing.  now i just have to find the motivation to clean that room. boo.

i made another apron for each of my girls plus a set of oven mitts and a couple small batches of cookies. :)

i love love love love how the aprons turned out!  i used a tutorial from creation corner that you can find here.

the cookies are made of felt.  i made chocolate chip and iced sugar cookies with sprinkles.  yum!  to make the cookies i just used something round to trace the circle.  for the icing i just free-handed a squiggly circle that was smaller than the outer circle.

i like to use heat n' bond lite (HNBL) for tracing.  you trace your pattern on it, then iron it onto fabric.  then you can peel the "tracing" off and iron it to another piece of fabric.  for example:  i ironed the cookie pattern onto the felt first.  then i cut out the pattern.  since it is ironed onto the fabric it makes it easier to cut out because the fabric is stiffened up from the heat n' bond.  once my cookie circle was cut out, i peel the tracing off then ironed the circle onto another piece of felt (same color).  this way my cookies are double thick.  i think they hold their shape better.  i actually sew around the edges before cutting the extra fabric off.  it's my way of cheating.  makes my cookies' edges look perfect! :)

for the chocolate chip cookies, i used tan felt and dark brown for the chips.  to make the chips, i ironed some HNBL onto the felt, then cut out triangles.  next, i peeled the HNBL off the back then ironed the chips to the cookies.  i sewed around the edges of each chip so they will stay put forever.  if you do this step though, you have to sew the chips on before making your cookie double thick.  otherwise you will see all your stitches on the back side of the cookie.

for the sugar cookies, i did basically the same thing as the chocolate chip cookies.  i used ivory felt for the cookies.  you can use any color for the icing.  the sprinkles are made using embroidery thread.  to make the cookies:  first, i cut my cookies and icing out using HNBL.  next, i made my sprinkles on the icing using french knots.  you can find a super easy tutorial here.  after making the sprinkles, i ironed the icing onto the cut out cookie.  then, i sewed around the edge of the icing.  next, i ironed the cut out cookie onto another piece of ivory felt.  then sewed around the edge of the cookie.  finally, i cut around the cookie edge so my edges look perfect.  :)