more halloween decorations

i told you i had a few more projects for halloween to share with you.  so, here they are...

the first is my crafty witchy wreath that is currently hanging on my front door.  my friend, elise, and i decided to start our own craft club.  yep, just two members right now, but i don't care.  i am so excited to have some adult conversation and someone else to craft with!!  the witch wreath was our first project.  super easy.  you can follow the same great tutorial we did.  found it on lemon tree creations here.  instead of free handing the sign, we used my cricut to create stencils out of contact paper.  worked great! 

the other project i wanted to share is my halloween mantel.   

i made the pennant out of burlap, ribbon, chip board letters, plastic spiders, and googly eyes.  use what you have on hand!

to make it i cut triangles out of burlap.  no need for sewing.  yay.  next i found some orange and black ribbon that i had on hand.  i hot glued it to the top of the triangles.  after the glue was dry, i trimmed the extra off.  the letters were a bluish color, so i just gave them a few quick coats of black spray paint.  after they dried i hot glued them to the triangles.  i added some plastic spiders and googly eyes to the first and last triangles.  these were things i had on hand, thanks to resigning my teaching position and having to clean out my classroom.  :)  to hang it on my mantel, i used a couple of 3M plastic hooks with the removable sticky pads.  i used some twine and cute little clothespins that i found in the office supply aisle of wally world.  here's another close up...

nothing fancy, but the girls love it.  and that was the WHOLE point!

the other halloween-ish items on the mantel included an orange, beady garland from joanns @ half off (woop, woop), some candles with black tulle tied around them (had on hand = FREE), and 4 ghoulish candle holders.  i used mason jars that i had on hand.  the black ones are just wrapped with black tulle.  the ghosts are wrapped with toilet paper (because i didn't have white crepe paper on hand) and then some googly eyes hot glued to them.  waa laa.  some cheap, easy decorations for the month of october!

my entryway

the vase i scored on clearance at joanns for $1.67.  i added an orange, beady pick and some branches spray painted black.  the halloween sign was also from joanns for half off.  (woop.  but only one woop because it was still around 10 bucks...)

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