playhouse: mission completed

the playhouse is finished!!  i'm so proud of how it turned out.  i can hardly keep from giving it to the girls before Christmas but will control my urge for precious Christmas morning photos.  completing the house was not near as difficult as i thought it would be.  it sewed together easily, thank goodness.  neil built the frame for it which was not hard either but finding the materials was a different story...  pvc pipe was not a problem but finding the corner pieces sent us on quite the hunt!  after visiting lowes, home depot, ace hardware, and a random plumbing supply store, we were steered towards an irrigation supply company.  the one near our house did not have the right size but luckily their other store on the south side did, shew. 

without further delay, here are the pictures of the final project.  hope you enjoy them as much as i do!!

only one problem that i can foresee...charlie, our cat, has taken quite a liking to the house.  apparently he thinks it is his new personal napping house.  it has been put together for a couple of days now, and anytime we can't find him...he can be found snoozing away inside the playhouse.  check out this feistiness!  reer!


  1. This is sooooooooooooooo cute! Can't wait to see it Christmas day!!

  2. Kalow went in to check it out yesterday and was laughing. I said....its really cool huh? He said it is, but what's hilarious is Charlie is in there just chillin!!! It turned out wonderful!!!