merry christmas, happy new year!

sorry for the lack of posts lately...doesn't mean i have been busy creating new topics for the blog though.  hope to update my blog lots in the next few weeks with what's been going on. :)

the girls were sick over Christmas :( so i the fun and fabulous picture i had in my mind for Christmas morning did not go as i hoped.  the girls still had some fun digging in to some presents but not with the enthusiasm i wished for.  nonetheless, here are some cute pix i managed to get of our blessed day.  enjoy!

 Christmas eve watching scrooge

 santa's been here!  santa!!  i know him!

 vintage kitchen--this was my grandmother's and her twin sister's :)

 pillow pet from daddy--sadie is loving it!

 leni is sharing her kitchen with charlie :)

 sadie was up for ripping into some presents

 hmmm...what's in here?

 welcome home!

 leni is wondering if there is room for her since uncle aaron joined sadie...

 leni, checking out the view from inside

 having a snack at their new table from grammy and granpy

 granpy teaching them a lesson--i love how intently they are listening to him :)

 leni is obviously pleased with herself

 sadie and leni thought they needed to taste all of the wrapping paper...

 grammy, helping leni open the girls' gift from uncle aaron (noah's ark)

 leni, the carnivore

 leni, tasting the orange from her stocking

 sadie, tasting hers

 sadie with cousin mallory--sadie LOVED mallory's new light up shoes!

 sadie, chillaxing inside the playhouse

my poor, sick babies... :(

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  1. Whether it goes as you expected or not, they are all precious memories!