something white to love

tired of snow?  me too.  tired of ice storms?  i am.  scared your power will go out?  um, yes.  stick and tired of all that white stuff?  you betchya.  but i do love my new white wreath!

too cute, isn't it?  i LOVE how it turned out.  it was super easy to make but a bit timely.  stole the instructions off of another blog which you can see here.  and this is how i did it...

materials needed:
styrofoam heart wreath (found mine at joann's)
1.5 yards of white taffeta
hot glue gun
valentine-y ribbon

the steps:

1.  cut the fabric into 20" x 2" strips.  i did cut some shorter to vary the thickness of the roses.

2.  roll the strips into tubes and secure the end with glue.

3.  pinch one end of the fabric tube and drench with hot glue then stick to the wreath.

4.  continue adding the roses to the front of the wreath only.  fill in spots where you can still see the styrofoam.

5.  to make the bow, i cut two strips of ribbon different lengths.  then i made them into a loop and secured with glue.  i stacked the smaller loop on top of the larger and secured with glue.  next, cut a short strip of ribbon and wrap around the middle of the two loops and secure with glue.  (it should look like a bow now)  cut two more strips of ribbon at the same length for the bow's tails.  cut one more strip of ribbon to attach to the wreath for hanging it.  i doubled this strip by folding it in half then gluing it to the back of the wreath.  finally, glue the tails to the top of the hanging loop then glue the bow on top of that.  sorry for this confusing step.  i did not take pictures of this part!!  but here is how it looks all done and hanging on my front door. :)

p.s. charlie the cat wanted in the picture

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