sweet treats

i did it.  i finished all 4 recipes one day at a time.  they are ready for delivery.  i am pretty excited to get the girls out of the house tomorrow.  fingers crossed temps reach at least 40 degrees...

thought i would share the final product with you all.

i have had the striped bags forever.  finally, i used them!  the heart bag is from target $1 bins. (cha-ching)  all in all i had four different treats to put in each bag.  valentine chocolate bark, homemade marshmallows, chocolate and coconut lace cookies, and chocolate chip and cinnamon waffle cookies.  here's a closer look at each and the link to the recipe.  enjoy.  i sure did.

valentine chocolate bark recipe

homemade marshmallows recipe (sorry, didn't really get a good pic before i packaged them)

chocolate and coconut lace cookies recipe

TIP:  i used 1/2 T as a scoop instead of 1 T.  i thought the cookies were huge.  take a look at the difference!
we're talking softball vs. baseball

chocolate chip and cinnamon waffle cookies recipe  (she calls them pizzelles but i used my waffle iron instead)  delicious!!  they crisp up after they cool down.  yum.

there you go.  i promise you will LOVE everyone of these recipes.  absolutely delicious and your house will smell awesome!  your husband and kids will thank you and your pants will curse you.

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  1. Mmmmmmmm! The cookies love yummy! Are you making them for Grandpa's birthday party?