chef sadie and chef leni

just a quick post about the super adorable aprons i made for the girlies.  i found some cute material at joann fabrics. both have retro looking trees on them.  loved it.  had to have it.  lucky for me, simplicity patterns were $1.99 while i was there.  score!  here's the pattern i chose...
i followed the pattern (the one on the left) to a T with ONE exception.  the pattern calls for you to make the tie out of the same material as the rest of the apron.  i chose to use grosgrain ribbon instead for two reasons.  1) it gave the apron a contrasting color and 2) it was super easy to cut the ribbon compared to folding and sewing material into a long string (one long piece that ties in the back but is also the adjustable neck strap).  honestly, easy peasy.  i loved how they turned out.  and the girls wore them the rest of the day. :)


  1. Love the aprons! They look so cute on the girls!

  2. So glad you used this fabric!!! It was my fav!!!