i know i promised that i would be posting soon.  and i will.  i have a couple of projects and a tutorial to share.  just not now.  but with good reason.  you see, i have been diligently working on a tutorial on turning a piece of crap gently used, goodwill find into an adorable toy holder for my girls.  it is one of those projects i meant to do a hundred years ago when i found the junk gem at gw.  i started with good intentions but it was a total flop...or at least that was my excuse for quitting.  anyhoo, with my obsession of reading blogs i found the cutest tutorial on how to make fabric covered boxes.  ooooh!  quick, mollie, think!  think of a reason to make one of those thingies.  alas, i did!  it is just what i needed to get me back on track to finished my toy holder project. :)

like any other project, i ran out as soon as possible to pick up any supplies i would need that i didn't already have on hand.  spray paint, new fabric, and ribbon.  yay!  i picked out the fabric first because the other two items would need to match it.  i fell in love with a beautiful lemon-colored fabric with white tropical flowers that have pretty gray stems and yummy red details.  i seriously smile every time i look at that fabric.  yep, fabric can make you happy.  it is the combination of colors that make me feel happiness.  you know what else makes me happy?  my garden tub.  yep.  used the living daylights out of that puppy while i was pregnant with the girls and still use the heck out of it. that tub is a slice of heaven to me.  unfortunately, my first attempt at decoration my bathroom sanctuary let me feeling a bit "blah".  which brings me to my POINT... "project-turned-inspiration". 

my project of making the toy holder lead me to beautiful fabric.  that fabric is the kind of fabric that i want to see in a room of my own, not just holding toys.  it has inspired me to revamp my drab master bathroom.  yep, another dang project.  be happy, i will post about my progress just as soon as i get started.  haha.  until then, enjoy some photo pretties of inspiration i have found. :)

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